Post Officers

Audie L. Murphy Post No. 336

Post Officers (2018-2019)

Post Commander:

Past Commander:

1st Vice Cmdr:

2nd Vice Cmdr:

3rd Vice Cmdr:

Post Adjutant:

Post Finance Officer:

Assistant Finance Officer:

Post Chaplain:

Post Historian:

Post Judge Advocate:

Post Service Officer:

Post Sergeant At Arms:


Spencer Spriesterbach

Walter Geraghty

William England

Roy Mendez

Michael Mayes

Desiree Swanson

Richard Wood

Robert Jenkins

Richard Gilliam

Richard Gilliam

Cindy Wise

James Pospisil

Ricardo Castro

Don Button

Post Executive Committee Members:

Irwin Barath

Larry Deen

Sarah Flynn

Norman Mahan

Elizabeth Womack

Lloyd Adams

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